Thursday, July 9, 2009

Straight Buggin' Yo!

Last night I attended The Festival of Lights at Del Crary Park here in Peterborough. The Festival has been running for 23 years and provides free musical entertainment for the public on Wednesday and Saturday nights. Initially there was an illuminated boat show in the lake after every performance (hence the lights angle) which was replaced by a fireworks display. Fireworks have started to strain the budget a little so they are no longer the grand finale to the show. So where are the lights coming from now? Maybe it's the glow necklaces they sell for a few dollars a pop at the gates or perhaps the cell and smart phones that dot the lawn during the performance. I'll keep looking and let you know.
The Proclaimers gave a brilliant performance last night on the Festival stage. Jolene and I got there fairly early so we were sitting pretty close to the front. I was safely sequestered away from some of the more interesting foot traffic that skirts the perimeter of the event. From a distance I could see the tube topped/bra strapped set and the wife beater alliance jostling their way through the crowd.

The show was great but I needed more! I went straight home and checked out the Peterborough Examiner online. The Dove has been pretty lax over the past few months, but nothing has surfaced that has really grabbed her interest. However, finally, last night in the Local News Section, there it was a familiar headline Man jailed for drunken misbehaviour.
Granted it's a headline that can be fairly mundane, but not this time. It delivered a slam dunk for this little birdie!

Apparently this young gentlemen, Larry Miles, was attending a party at a local hotel, with his "plus one" concealed in his pants pocket. As the night rolled on he discovered that his "little friend" was no longer in his pants. He lost his mind when he realized that he had lost his insect (no that's not a cute name for anything). He truly lost his insect, apparently it was a cockroach. Upon discovering his loss he proceeded to urinate on the belongings of others and threaten fellow party goers with a knife. You know what they say about a boy and his cockroach...
Anyway Larry was arrested the next day and charged with various offences.
It makes me wonder if he would've "Walked 500 Miles" for his roach?

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DTV Deputy Cleän said...

The Proclaimers? You're so lucky. Did they play "500 Miles" seven times in a row, then walk off the stage?

What, was April Wine not available? What about Helix?

Brendage said...

Actually they changed it to "500 Kilometres" it's much shorter that way! Then they roundhouse kicked everyone in the mosh pit!

Don't worry Hotel California (Eagles tribute band) and The Lovin' Spoonful will be rounding out the edges at the Fest this year!